Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Weekend;

Friday - Christmas Eve:
Jeremy and I did our very last minute present shopping and thankfully actually finished buying everything! I also went shopping to buy ingredients to the dessert I was going to make - Lattice Vanilla Slice. The shops were so packed! Something I expected though, especially 'last minute' things are always a big thing.

Once I got home, Jeremy's sister and her family were already over. We got the BBQ up and running while I started up on my cooking. It took so long because we didn't think of getting the electric mixer out and whisked it for hours instead lol. But I eventually got it thick enough after hours of whisking! We also had some Midori Splices again during all this, it was yummy as usual!

Then when nightfall came, we sat around the lounge to watch Asian/American Martial Arts movies and also had Margarita's that Jeremy's sister pre-made at home. It was the first time I had tried it and it was quite nice. We all stayed up until midnight to greet everyone but wasn't allowed to open any presents because Jeremy's sister insisted we didn't or Christmas day wouldn't be 'special', which was pretty true so I was okay with it but kind of sad lol. But Jeremy allowed me to open mine up since it was 'useful'. And my instincts were right! He got me a tripod :) which I totally forgot to purchase but purposely didn't in a way because I already had that gut feeling he already did lol. Then it was off to bed for all of us, anxiously wanting it to be morning already so we can all open the presents.

Home made Margarita!

Saturday - Christmas Day: 
We woke up later than everyone else and woke up to their laughs and loud voices. We quickly got outside to find that they already opened their presents without us! But it was okay, we opened ours right away! Then we just allowed the kids to play with their new things while we ate breakfast and some gone back to sleep.




Just before midday hit, we got ready to go to my mums house for a little lunch gathering with a couple of my cousins, where we ate, talked and opened presents. We didn't stay there long because we were pretty tired so we went home after staying there for just over 3 hours. Though it would've been a lot better with all my family members being there, but this was good enough, at least some were there. I got to use my tripod to take a quick snap of half my family.


My Vanilla Lattice Slices
Some of my family
Take #2.

And when we came home, our guests - Jeremy's aunty and uncle from Canberra together with their grand-daughter Tayanna were over early! We expected them to come by for dinner. So we stayed out and opened our presents, ate and caught up.  Then we ended up napping and woke up just before our guests had to leave and quickly made time to have a family portrait together, with the Rosas family.

Rosas Family take #1.
Rosas Family take #2.
Then after our guests left, we got the BBQ going again and had drinks, this time it was a chilled drink - Baileys with milk, my favourite! Then watched another Asian/American Martial Arts movie. We ate dinner and whatnot. Jeremy's sister and her family ended up going home just before it got too late, then soon after, we all went to sleep. We were all so buggered!


Christmas Presents received this year:

- Macbook Pro
- DSLR Tripod
- Calvin Klein 5 piece perfume box set
- Urbane Top
- Bracelet & Bangles - from Ireland
- Fondue Fountain (for both Jeremy & I)
- Wallet
- Money (for the whole family)
- Champagne (for Jeremy & I)

- 2 shirts
- 3D Glasses Kit for monitor & computer
- Fossil Wallet
- Jag belt set
- money

- clothes
- telephone toy
- mobile phone toy
- clothes (pj's, tops)
- crocs paired with swimmers
- fold out sofa for kids.

Sunday - Boxing Day:
Jeremy and I initially planned to go to the Myer Boxing Day Sales but there was a mixup between the car usage so we couldn't go together, instead I went with Stacee. We planned to get there early but we ended up getting there 2hours later than I originally wanted to lol. When we got there, it was so packed! I have never seen Sydney CBD as packed as it was yesterday! It was crazy! You would literally be trampled and touching everyone while standing to cross the road and to even walk!

When we got to Myer, it was even crazier inside! It took ages to get to the level we wanted to get to and there were also lines just to get up to the escalators, that's how crazily packed it was. When we finally got to our level, I couldn't really find much that interested me but I found a couple of things for Jeremy, so I ended up buying him more things than I did for myself. Afterwards, we checked out Pitt St. Westfields, which I am in love with! It was so beautifully designed and instantly gave me that 'upper class' feel haha. It was such a nice environment to shop in!

Level 1 of Myer - uppon entering
We then went on the hunt for the Lindt Cafe in Martin Place but ended up walking the opposite direction, so we scrapped that idea and headed to Woolworths to buy chips and drinks, stopped off at Macdonalds to get Stacee her fries and burger and soft serve for myself. Then headed to Hyde Park where we chilled out for a bit and had our picnic, took photos and talked.

Just after 7pm, we headed home. We were so tired! I ended up sleeping on the train ride lol. We parted ways when we caught different buses - since there were track works. And I didn't get home until after 8:30pm. I was so glad to be home and relax after the long day I had. I also missed my baby boy!

Purchases I made:
- Miss Shop Bikini set
- 2 Singlet tops (Jeremy)
- Board Shorts (Jeremy)
- Sportsgirl Wallet (Stacee)
- Sportsgirl headband
- Diva earring set (Stacee), necklace and ring
- Platypus Canvas shoes (Jeremy)

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