Sunday, June 26, 2011


Yesterday was my 20th birthday! Happy Birthday to me!! 

And to celebrate, on Friday night I went out for a couple of drinks with my work friends and then headed out to the clubs for a friends birthday but didn't even see him once, and so it felt like everyone was there for mine instead haha. On Saturday, we went out to lunch with Jeremy's family  at Seven Hills Buffet. It was our first time going there and it was pretty cool, how they had a mini sushi train and a fondue fountain, but it was just a hassle because you know how it is with buffets and line ups!

I'll be celebrating my birthday this coming Saturday though with all my friends. Just the typical clubbing thing, I really couldn't think of anything else that everyone can be at, so it lead me to organise this. I'll be with my close girlfriends during the day and we'll be getting a hotel room for ourselves, have a little chill in the room before the night out.

As for presents, I just got money from the in-laws, a necklace from SIL & BIL and from Jeremy, he doesn't know yet lol. But he'll be paying for my manicure and pedicure this week and still trying to find those spa packages for me. I didn't want much this year, all I wanted was to go to Philippines for a holiday and hopefully we will be. So Jeremy and I made an agreement to just get presents no more than $100 each since we're saving for our holiday.

Turning 20 isn't so bad. Everyone/a lot of people dread turning older, but I have no issues with it. I guess because I've always just felt so much older than I actually am and being a 'teen' just made me feel so young lol. I know later on the years I'll want to be at a certain age again, but for now I'm pretty content.

Here are some photos from Friday night and yesterdays lunch.


Sunday, June 19, 2011

Lunch Date

For our outing this week, we decided that it just be Jeremy and I. Since Jaiden was still recovering from the fever, even though he seemed fine, Jeremy insisted that he stay home and not in the cold since he just got over it. So we made it our 'date day'.

As originally planned, we went to Holy Basil in Canley Vale. This place has been talked up so much and so it had to be on our list to go and check it out. I really like the interior of the place, though I thought it was a lot bigger than it actually was lol. We had Panang Curry, Some seafood dish Jeremy ordered - with steamed rice, avocado shakes each, which I didn't even get half way through! It was so big and too cold to drink lol and a serve of their 'famous' Fried Ice Cream. It was honestly the best thing out! I was so glad that I found a really good tasting fried ice cream! My search has now ended.. even Jeremy said it was the best he's ever tasted.. 

It was a good day out, cruising and just being the two of us. I've missed days out and dates like this.

Sunday, June 5, 2011


On Saturday we went to the Yo Gabba Gabba concert that was held at the Sydney Opera House. On the way there, we got a little lost because we didn't take the turn we were supposed to but eventually got to our destination and with a little time to spare aswell. Before heading to the place, we walked around the harbour a little, took photos and let Jaiden walk/run around the place. He especially loved the stairs! It's his thing, so he got to climb a lot of them lol. 

Once we got into the centre, Jaiden was walking around and went straight up to a little girl who was holding a Muno toy and I knew we had to get him one at that second lol. We let him choose between Brobee or the Muno toy and he got shy so we just picked the Muno one and when we gave it to him, he held onto it and never let it go! I wanted to get Jaiden a character shirt which I was expecting to be there but they only had a group shirt which was a little disappointing. I wanted to get so much more for him but they didn't have much up on sale.

When we got seated, Jaiden was calm and just waiting for the show to start, with Muno in his arms. Then when the show started and the music started playing, Jaiden got terrified and just wanted to sit on my lap. He got excited when the cast came out though! He was a little shy and acted like he was just watching an episode on tv lol. The parents were very enthusiastic and louder than the kids were, which was fun. The show ran for only an hour, which I thought was a little short but then again, we were dealing with kids.

After the show, we went to get lunch and made our way to the park where we let Jaiden walk and run around. Jaiden loved going up and around the roots of the trees. He even disappeared for a second and when we went to see what he was up to, he effortlessly made himself comfortable and sat on the ground and pretty much dug his little bum in. He was so dirty! We decided to go back home after that, incase he does anything else silly lol.

I had such a fun time. I love days like these! Spending it with both my boys on such a great day. I can't wait for next weekend!



Friday, June 3, 2011

Update post.


Since starting my new job, I've been too busy to do anything. My everyday routine now is; waking up at 6am, get ready, eat breakfast, get dropped off to the station, 1h train ride to the city, work from 9am-5pm, catch the train home (another 1h), once I get home I eat dinner, go on the laptop for 30m-1h, play and snuggle with Jaiden and by the time it hits around 9:30pm, I'm already ready to pass out lol. Nonetheless, I really like my job, it's pretty easy and stress free (for now) which is good. 

In the meantime when I'm at work, I'm missing out on witnessing Jaiden's new capabilities. The other day, on Thursday, it was only our grandma home and our dad was coming back home from work at 7:30am so he couldn't really look after Jaiden for a little bit in the morning. That night, Jeremy was telling me, our grandma had said that she gave him milk in the morning and he disappeared, she went looking for him and peeked through our bedroom door and saw him laying down in his bed, drinking his milk and went to sleep afterwards. When I heard this, I teared inside. I can't believe Jaiden did that and I wasn't here to witness it! I just can't believe he did for starters! But I'm proud of him for being such a smart, independent little man for everyone while I'm not home. 
That night, I got Jaiden a new toy - a xylophone. I wanted to get him a toy car aswell but Jeremy insisted not to otherwise I'd be 'spoiling him'. But I'll get something else for him :)

And tonight, when Jeremy picked me up from work, he surprised me with a watch! It's so beautiful and probably a lot better than what I was going to choose if I were buying it lol. It was so sweet of him to have gotten it and he knew exactly what I was looking for; a gold band watch with jewels around it to match with my promise ring.

I love how every moment we spend with each other as a family or even as a couple, it means a lot more as each day goes by. I can't wait for our family outing tomorrow! It's the Yo Gabba Gabba concert we've been waiting to take Jaiden to for the past two months. For the whole day and night, he's had a Yo Gabba Gabba marathon to hype him up for tomorrow :P I think I'm a little more excited than he is, but only because we get to go out as a family. I'll post about that tomorrow night and let you guys know how it went :)

Also, on one of the days on my first week, I got this very sweet mms from Jeremy which immediately brightened my day 10000x more and for the whole day, I was in such a happy mood.

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