Sunday, August 29, 2010

Saturday & Sunday

Saturday: It was good to sleep in together with Jeremy, since we never get to, rarely anyway. So we got picked Jaiden up from my mums at around 11am. Dropped my cousin to our shop and brought Stacee back to ours to get ready for work. Dropped her off and just looked around at the computer shop for parts, because our computer's power circuit stuffed up. Went back home and just chilled with the family.

I ended up having a nap for around 2-3hours and when I woke up, I couldn't believe that my boyfriend went back to the shops and bought a new tower with a new power circuit, and as I walked in the extension, he was reconstructing all the wires into the new tower. And all he said to me was "...but I bought you Starbucks" lol it was cute but I was still angry because he spent money again, without telling me and he won't even tell me the amount he spent *sigh. But anyway, the computer is up and running and he re-installed my Sims 3 so I won't be as bored at home, at least that's a plus.

Sunday: We all had the chance to sleep in, including Jaiden which was great! lol but we didn't do anything much today. I just did a couple of rounds of washing (2), with Jaiden on my back, in his baby sling thing lol. And omgosh, he is so heavy! And to think about it, I was carrying 10kg's on my back -.- lol it was heaps cute but cos he kept laughing. I also went through Jaiden's clothes, seeing what to keep, what to give and what can still fit him. I've got a few items to give away to my close friends Kaecee & Lorreine.

We were supposed to go to church tonight, because we missed out on last week but Jeremy had a headache -.- so we didn't go. And so I suggested to go to dinner but I wasn't bothered anymore lol. So we just resulted to drive-in Starbucks and Hungry Jacks. I finally got my craving of a double whopper after how long?! It was so good, but not big enough since I was still hungry afterwards lol. And we just finished the night off with Modern Family, Rules of Engagement and other programs on Ch.10

Until tomorrow! xx


  1. these pictures are sooo precious! cuuteeee! love your blog!

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  2. Thanks lovely! I've followed you right back! Loving your blog!!


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