Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Last day of Winter!

I couldn't believe today was the last day of Winter! How time really does fly! But hey, I'm not complaining because I've been waiting for Spring for a while. I've missed the warm weather and having a reason to go out in the sun, rather than staying home all the time to stay warm.

So today, it's Jeremy's mum, sister & grandma's birthday. And we have a few visitors, friends of mums, drop by to give some food and presents. It were as if we were having a party, but we weren't lol.
We visited my dear friends Kaecee and Lorreine again. Gave some hand-me-downs from Jaiden, from his Spring cleaning done the other day. Took some photo's again, and Jaiden tried eating his god-sister Aurora once again -.- lol Afterwards, we went to see baby Trinity at Daniel's house. Turned out that Daniel's parents knew Jeremy when he was young lol weird! Didn't stay long though, because Jeremy's mate Brad was already at our house waiting, to go gym.

Apparently tomorrow is going to be 25 degree's? Too bad Jeremy's working :( We couldv'e gone to the beach! Guess we'll just have to wait. I'm so excited for Spring!

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