Sunday, September 18, 2011

First Beach Day for Spring 2011

Earlier on the week the weather forecast for the weekend was looking really good and was estimated to be a tops of 27 degrees. So we made plans to go to the beach for our family outing.

Come weekend, and it was a beautiful day! We left home nice and early and got to the beach just around after 10:30am and it was already packed! There were kids running around, playing in the sand, people sun baking and surfers doing their thing. Though it was a little cold to swim, we just had quick dips and soaked as much sun as we could, also the area where we sat was high tide and the waves were pretty big so there was no chance I was going to swim there.

After laying in the sun for 3 hours, headed back to car & put our gear back in, got Jaiden's trike out and walked around to the shops, got ourselves a good feed - fish and chips, fish burger and chips, and sat on the grass, feeding the birds and Jaiden making new friends with other little kids and chasing the bird.

Afterwards, we headed to the playground to let Jaiden run around and play with the equipments, then a quick walk along the park and back into the car. Jaiden clonked out straight away and all the way home. We ended the day with a frozen coke float (with soft serve ice cream inside) and a movie while relaxing in bed. I didn't realise I was sunburnt until I saw my read face, red patches all over my body and had a cold shower. But luckily it's not as severe as I usually get them. 

I'm loving the weather Spring has brought in its first month. I can't wait for more family outings on such nice days.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


A few snaps of Jaiden and Aurora at the park.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Father's Day 2011

We celebrated Father's Day today (since everyone has work on Sunday's). BIL&SIL, Jeremy and I started the morning by heading to Costco at 8am, arriving there with 1 hour to spare until it opened (9:30am). We told the guys to line up since there was a massive line up, the line went to the other lane of parking. We spent around 2 hours in the store, getting ingredients for our bbq lunch/dinner and BIL&SIL did their groceries while at it. Before heading off, we had lunch; hotdogs, meat pie, pizza and sundae's. Once we got home, the guys started the bbq while I took a nap and woke up just in time to eat. The ribs were so yum having been marinated in Jack Daniel's sauce *drool. It was more of a chilled afternoon together with family, and that's all we really wanted.

As for presents, Jeremy got 3/4 of his presents on Thursday night when I came home from shopping, since I couldn't hide any of them haha and on Friday night before heading, Jaiden gave Jeremy the other 1/4 of his present. He loved all of them, especially because he had no idea what I was giving him.

He got - Bathrobe, Vans (to match Jaiden's), shaver set and new pyjamas.

Saturday, September 3, 2011


On Friday I had taken a day off to get a few errands done.

The first on the list was to buy our family friend Hamilton's birthday present. Second was to hand in Jaiden's passport papers so it could be processed, had a little time to kill so we had Boost Juice and that pretty much took a while to get because there was only one worker, which was ridiculous. Though she gave us free cards for waiting too long :)

Afterwards we went to my optometrist appointment at 11:30am. Got my eyes checked again, 4 months later and turns out my eyes need 'help' when reading and being in front of the computer. So I had to buy some that same day. Luckily, I only had to pay for half as the deposit and Jeremy will pay the other half when I pick them up in a weeks time.

Then we picked up Macdonals for lunch and for brother&sister-in-law and then headed to their house, where we stayed for an hour, talked, ate and the guys played PS3. We then made our way to my mum, leaving Jaiden behind to pick up her house keys. Made our way to her place and looked for my documents; birth certificate and citizenship. We spent 2-3 hours looking everywhere and in everything. We only found my birth certificate, together with some baby photos. Hopefully lodging the forms no later than Tuesday to get a new copy of my citizenship because there's just no hope with my mum looking for it for me. And hopefully I'll get it in time because it takes 2 months to process and I'll be leaving in 2 months!! *sigh

After all the hassle, we made our way back to Jaiden and relaxed for a little bit before heading home. At around 4pm, we left for home and then got ready for our night events. Our first one was to go to our Family friend Hamilton's 14th Birthday. We didn't stay long because we had to go our mother-in-law's birthday party which we had to cancel because we ran out of time. Stopped off by Woolworths and bought some snacks and alcohol. At around 7pm, BIL&SIL came over. We watched movies, ate wedges and drank home made Pina Colada's that Jeremy made *yum. Not long after we hit the hays for an early day start (following post).


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