About Us

The name is Angel. I am a 20-something mother of one, Jaiden and fiance to Jeremy.

Jeremy and I met at the beginning of 2008 through close friends and started dating in April. Our relationship became serious fast. Mid 2008 to early 2009 was a hard year for me, I was in and out of hospital with the sickness I encountered and Jeremy was there for me the whole time.

In early 2012, when reaching our 4 years anniversary, Jeremy proposed to me.

In early 2009 I fell pregnant and gave birth on 17 November 2009 to a beautiful and healthy baby boy named Jaiden Andre. Everyone has their own birth story and with mine having complications at the last minute, everything turned out fine, it was all worth it for our boy to be safe and healthy.

The day that our son was born, was the day we all changed - for the better good for ourselves, our future and most importantly, for our son's future.  We've both learned to love each other in different ways. Now that we are parents, we have different perspective of things and have a type of love only parents feel to give to their child. It's beyond words can ever express.

As with every couple, we have our differences, but we've learnt to work around it with each other and it has never lead us to breaking point. Our differences don't really effect us majority, but more of just accepting each other as we are. 

So much things can happen in the span of two years. In this case, two people have come together and have made a beautiful child, with a bright and long future looking ahead of us all.
As a family, we grow stronger as individuals and learn to love each other more as each day goes by.

"Other things may change us, but we start and end with family"
- Anthony Brandt

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