Thursday, September 23, 2010

I absolutely love the photo apps that I downloaded on Jeremy's iPhone! Totally in love with it!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Play Pen

Yesterday, Jeremy's parents came home from the shops with a new play pen for Jaiden! I thought it was very nice of them to have bought it considering it's pretty pricey for a set of gates lol. Though Jaiden doesn't really like it unless someone is visible to him or he'll just scream his lungs out. I think he knows it's his jail cell now lol

Friday, September 17, 2010


 We had a little picnic outside, since it was such a nice day! I also let Jaiden feed himself for the first time and he was messy! But only his face not so  much on his clothes, which is a good thing! lol

Jaiden at 10 months

Happy 10 months to our little monster!
He has learnt so much in this little time and there is still soo much more for him to learn.
Mommy and Daddy love you, baby boy ♥

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

It's been a while...

My best friend Mareicar and her boyfriend Warren came from Liverpool to visit Jaiden and I, before she goes to Queensland for a week and since we couldn't go out for her birthday before hand, because both our schedules always crashes. And she hasn't seen Jaiden since his Christening, so it's been nearly 2 months since then.

Before their arrival, I cooked up wraps, as promised by me to her lol. But they ended up coming 2h later than I had expected -.- haha but all good, they still ate my food, even though it was cold and still liked it lol. But anyway, upon their arrival, Jaiden was all shy and cried a little too but then just 10 minutes or so later, he was okay and was being his loud and figity self.

They wanted to get some video's from us, but their hard drive wasn't being recognized on our computer, not sure why but Jeremy said it was probably their wire? But I have no idea. They ended up just staying for just around 2h, so they could get home before peak hour started or else they'd never get home lol.

I totally forgot about having a camera on the side, so unfortunately I didn't take any shots. But memories will just do for us :) haha how corny.

Nothin' but LOVE for you ♥

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Another Photoshoot

As I mentioned before, I was doing another photoshoot today and I got to be in character. Since my Jess' concept was 'The 7 deadly sins' I had to play for 'Greed' and 'Anger', since I have the bitch face and all lol. Stacee did 'sad' and the boys were just 'extra's'. So Jeremy and I had a pretty early start which was at 8am, got ready and then headed to get food and picked up Chris, Stacee and Jess, then went off to UNSW Darlinghurst campus.

Since we were a little early, we just chilled at their 'leisure' rooms and had a coffee before starting off. I was pretty amazed at the fact that everyone had a Mac laptop and P/C there lol, but then again, it's encouraged for design, etc. But anyway, we then got started and it was pretty fun! But kind of hard getting my eyes right because in every frame, I always conveyed a different message for 'greed' but for anger, it was a lot easier, I guess I just got used to it and also the make up helped alot.

After 3 hours of shooting, we finally finished and took very good frames! And we were all exhausted! We were going to head out to lunch but decided to just get something 'light' because we had dinner planned with my family. After dropping everyone off, buying ingredients for tomorrow's menu and being stuck in traffic, we didn't have time to go home and rest a little but instead went straight to dinner.

It was my cousin Roden's 20th birthday so we just had my side of the family at dinner and his lovely girlfriend Samantha. Yet again, attended another buffet, so I didn't eat much lol I was pretty tired too. So we left pretty early aswell because Jeremy has work in the morning.

p.s. I received the photo's of my family photoshoot & I'll upload them tomorrow!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Girls Night

I had a girls night out with my two favourites, Jess and Stacee. It was planned at the last minute but that's nothing different lol. I started the night off by going to Jess' Aunt's house, where they had pre-drinks because there was a little 'cousins' gathering for a birthday (?). I got peer-pressured to take 2 shots of Tequila, which I didn't like at all! Hence why I never take straight shots like that! So gross. But luckily they had other drinks there, so I had some Midori with juice and beer, just so I wouldn't take another shot lol. Anyway, we talked and joked around and stuff. They were so rowdy but it was heaps funny and fun!

Then Jess and I got dropped off to the station where we met up with Stacee. It was pretty funny when we saw each other because we wore pretty the same thing! Well, very similar! But there was no intentions of it happening, that's what made it funnier lol. Anyway my alcohol was starting to fade off, so I was in the 'tired-hyper' mood. We got to the city in no time, because we just kept talking lol. Saw a few friends that were already at Verandah Bar because there was a birthday (Carl's) going on. And I also met new people too, as always :) I didn't drink much when we were there, because I started craving for a whopper and that's what I just wanted to consume lol. So I just bought Stacee drinks instead. And since my alcohol was waring away, I just mock-danced the girls that were going hard out. haha it was too funny to miss! I had never realised how hard some girls actually go when they dance. LOL how embarrassing.
Then around 3am, we went home and kindly got dropped off by Jess' friend Ben. How nice of him!

So overall, it was a great night out spent with the ladies, as always!!

Friday, September 10, 2010

29 Months ♥

We didn't do much yesterday, but just dyed my hair into a 'chestnut brown' colour. Though it doesn't appear to be as red as it is in the photo, I think it was because of the flash.
Then went out with Jeremy's friends to get materials for one of their new computers, since they were gonna build it from scratch. And they did more shopping for parts so I just stayed home. And when Jeremy came back, he surprised me with some roses, for our monthsary.

I was definitely surprised :)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Precious Keepsakes

"From a newborn to 9.5 months later...."
Jeremy took this photo last night, when Jaiden was whinging when laying down. And it turned out, he just wanted to sleep on me. It just reminded me of how little he was as a newborn and it was his routine to just fall asleep on our chests. Until now, he still does it. I absolutely love it!
My heart melts every time.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A win/win day

After weeks/months of inquiring when stores will get the iPhone 4 in stock, Jeremy ordered it over the phone, so it can just be mailed to us. And after waiting for weeks, it finally came this morning! He was so excited, I think he left work early just to come home to it lol. And now he wants to go to the shops just to buy a cover for it. Geez baby, relax! lol he's never been so excited!

And when Jeremy came back from work, I quickly accompanied my mother to the shops.
I was going to buy bed sheets (that I've been looking for - w/ victorian prints) since they were on sale for only $30! But I didn't like the colours they had (ranges of dark brown), so I just left it. And instead, I bought two new dresses from Ice. Though it's not really the kind of store I go to but I liked it and they were only $5 each, because they were having a 'renovation sale' too! Pretty good bargain! lol. And since I was already at the shops, I ended up buying Jeremy's phone cover and plastic screen cover. I reckon I got ripped off because I paid $15 for each thing. But oh well.

Here's a photo of Jaiden in the morning, getting some Vitamin D.
He didn't want to sit, so he kept standing up on the chair lol.

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