Saturday, September 4, 2010

Friday night dinner

Last night, we went to dinner at Pau Brazil at Homebush for Jeremy's mum and sisters birthday that was on Tuesday. We went with Jeremy's family including his aunt and uncle from Canberra. He doesn't have much family compared to me, so we didn't have many people with us lol.

It was pretty fun, with waiters coming around with different types of meat to try and serving us, and the sides were pretty much a 'get-all-you-can' thing because it just in the plates, and it was a buffet too, we all got so full in no time! haha got our money's worth! And then after dinner, they had a Brazilian show with dancers and performers. The girls were pretty hot in their Brazilian costumes, showing their bums lol. I know Jeremy was perving but it was okay, I was checking them out too haha. Jeremy's dad got pulled up to do a little dance aswell, pretty much just copy what the guy did. It was so funny! haha it's happened to him twice! Same as last year, for the same event too lol. I finally gotten my long awaited cocktail! I tried the 'Riopolitan' it was okay but it was strong, so they didn't make it right. I should've gotten the daiquiri, it looked so yum! lol next time.

We didn't end up getting home until around 11pm, Jaiden and I just went straight to bed where it was nice and warm, since the rain made it all cold.

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