Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A win/win day

After weeks/months of inquiring when stores will get the iPhone 4 in stock, Jeremy ordered it over the phone, so it can just be mailed to us. And after waiting for weeks, it finally came this morning! He was so excited, I think he left work early just to come home to it lol. And now he wants to go to the shops just to buy a cover for it. Geez baby, relax! lol he's never been so excited!

And when Jeremy came back from work, I quickly accompanied my mother to the shops.
I was going to buy bed sheets (that I've been looking for - w/ victorian prints) since they were on sale for only $30! But I didn't like the colours they had (ranges of dark brown), so I just left it. And instead, I bought two new dresses from Ice. Though it's not really the kind of store I go to but I liked it and they were only $5 each, because they were having a 'renovation sale' too! Pretty good bargain! lol. And since I was already at the shops, I ended up buying Jeremy's phone cover and plastic screen cover. I reckon I got ripped off because I paid $15 for each thing. But oh well.

Here's a photo of Jaiden in the morning, getting some Vitamin D.
He didn't want to sit, so he kept standing up on the chair lol.

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