Wednesday, September 15, 2010

It's been a while...

My best friend Mareicar and her boyfriend Warren came from Liverpool to visit Jaiden and I, before she goes to Queensland for a week and since we couldn't go out for her birthday before hand, because both our schedules always crashes. And she hasn't seen Jaiden since his Christening, so it's been nearly 2 months since then.

Before their arrival, I cooked up wraps, as promised by me to her lol. But they ended up coming 2h later than I had expected -.- haha but all good, they still ate my food, even though it was cold and still liked it lol. But anyway, upon their arrival, Jaiden was all shy and cried a little too but then just 10 minutes or so later, he was okay and was being his loud and figity self.

They wanted to get some video's from us, but their hard drive wasn't being recognized on our computer, not sure why but Jeremy said it was probably their wire? But I have no idea. They ended up just staying for just around 2h, so they could get home before peak hour started or else they'd never get home lol.

I totally forgot about having a camera on the side, so unfortunately I didn't take any shots. But memories will just do for us :) haha how corny.

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