Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Another Photoshoot

As I mentioned before, I was doing another photoshoot today and I got to be in character. Since my Jess' concept was 'The 7 deadly sins' I had to play for 'Greed' and 'Anger', since I have the bitch face and all lol. Stacee did 'sad' and the boys were just 'extra's'. So Jeremy and I had a pretty early start which was at 8am, got ready and then headed to get food and picked up Chris, Stacee and Jess, then went off to UNSW Darlinghurst campus.

Since we were a little early, we just chilled at their 'leisure' rooms and had a coffee before starting off. I was pretty amazed at the fact that everyone had a Mac laptop and P/C there lol, but then again, it's encouraged for design, etc. But anyway, we then got started and it was pretty fun! But kind of hard getting my eyes right because in every frame, I always conveyed a different message for 'greed' but for anger, it was a lot easier, I guess I just got used to it and also the make up helped alot.

After 3 hours of shooting, we finally finished and took very good frames! And we were all exhausted! We were going to head out to lunch but decided to just get something 'light' because we had dinner planned with my family. After dropping everyone off, buying ingredients for tomorrow's menu and being stuck in traffic, we didn't have time to go home and rest a little but instead went straight to dinner.

It was my cousin Roden's 20th birthday so we just had my side of the family at dinner and his lovely girlfriend Samantha. Yet again, attended another buffet, so I didn't eat much lol I was pretty tired too. So we left pretty early aswell because Jeremy has work in the morning.

p.s. I received the photo's of my family photoshoot & I'll upload them tomorrow!

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