Sunday, April 10, 2011

red-letter day

On Friday, Jeremy and I celebrated our 3rd year anniversary by having a little getaway to ourselves and stayed at Quay Grand Suites Sydney, located in Circular Quay. 

After dropping off Jaiden to my mums in the morning and being early for check-in, Jeremy and I decided to just walk around while we kill time for our lunch and/or when the hotel calls us to tell us when our room was ready. We started off at the Opera house side and slowly made our way to the other side (The Rocks) where our departure point was, with countless stop offs to take photos, sit down and get a snack. While we were waiting, we saw a wedding pictorial happening, which we thought was nice and cute because of the scenery being perfect for photos, especially for a wedding.

Jeremy's present - tickets for him and his best friend to the next NRL game

Our boat finally arrived and was not what we were expecting. To my surprise, it was a more of a sailing boat (Jeremy even called it a 'Pirate boat' lol) than one where you sit down and dine in, which is what I thought it was. So wearing heels was a bad idea because of the surfaces being uneven which I was prone to having a fall any given time. though I ended up taking them off while on the ship so I could walk up and down the boat and be mobile a lot easier. We had unlimited drinks, so I had white wine which I didn't drink a lot of, I guess I just didn't like what they served? Jeremy had beers but didn't have much either because he was feeling a little sea sick lol but we did have a few rounds of just juice haha. The lunch being served was a bbq, which was served in the bottom level of the boat. We cruised around Rose Bay and in & out of the harbour. It was a nice, relaxed and very chilled cruise and lunch.


Afterwards, we made our way to our hotel room which we absolutely loved! I was so in love with the place as soon as I opened the door! Before getting too comfortable though, we quickly went to the convenience store to get a few items; milk, cans of mother and canned food for dinner. Got back to the hotel, put our shopping down and quickly ducked out to the hotel's pool. It was so beautiful! We were so  disappointed that neither of us thought of bringing any swimming clothes to use the Hotel's recreations.


Once we got back to our room, we got the spa going and the drinks started. The spa was amazing and was so relaxing. we stayed in there for hours until we were hungry for dinner. Jeremy was happy with his canned food but I didn't like mine, so after Jeremy had finished, we made our way downstairs to the restaurants along the wharf. Though we weren't really bothered to go anywhere and just wanted to crash for the night, but it was only 7:30pm haha. So we walked around first and took photos before settling for Guylians Chocolate for a snack, I finally tried it! We had waffles w/ ice cream and 'African chocolate' which is 70% chocolate.. it was so yummy and I loved their waffles! It melted in my mouth. Since I didn't want to have anything there as a main, we just went back up and I ordered room service spaghetti. I was so surprised at how fast they delivered my food! and it was so yummm!! I loved how the spaghetti was cooked, it was perfect! We went back into the spa after I digested, received a nice full body massage from Jeremy and crashed out at around 12am. 

We got up to clean a little and get ready for check out at around 9am even though neither of us wanted to leave, especially so early in the morning, we much rather wanted to just stay in bed haha. We ended up being ready before our check-out time so we called the front desk to pick our stuff up and put it in the car while we went down to the Quay to get some breakfast. We just settled to buying Hungry Jacks breakfast, which was still good enough for the both us.. anything was for me really, as long as I got my morning coffee lol. I was surprised at how packed the Quay already was at 10:30am.
We then headed back to the hotel to check out and wait for our car to be at the front. It was very ironic how our car was very dirty/messy and not so flashy being valeted and out front was a Bentley waiting for the owners haha it was a funny thought though. We then made our way back home and being half way through, I then remembered about The Rocks and Glebe Markets being on and I was so disappointed at how I just completely forgot about it! I guess that's what happens when you're just so relaxed, nothing thinking about... anything really.

It was such a great getaway for the both of us. We're planning to do this again on special occasions. I wish we didn't have to leave though.. I loved that place and I wish we lived there :( lol.

To finish things off, I just wanted to say;
Happy 3 years to the most amazing guy, Jeremy. I love you and I can't wait for what our future holds for the both of us and our (growing? lol) family. I couldn't ask for anything/anyone else to be with me. ♥ 


  1. awww you guys are so cute! it looked like you had a great time hun :)
    great photos, you looked lovely xx

  2. awwww i love it! i want to visit australia someday (:

  3. nice blog:)
    if you like, you can visit my blog. :)
    feel free to follow.
    love ♥


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