Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Long Weekend

Happy Easter Everyone! 

For the long weekend, we didn't do much but just have a relaxing one. As a Christian, I believe that we shouldn't be out partying during Holy week because it's one of the most important aspects to being a Christian, to reflect on what Jesus has done for us all. And out of all days to reflect, I think that the three days (Good Friday-Easter Sunday especially) are the most important ones. I just don't get the people out there that say they're 'religious' but just see this weekend as a 'long weekend holiday' and nothing more until they have to go to church on Easter Sunday. I'm in no position to start arguing but to just put my opinion out there as to why we didn't do anything extravagant. 

But anyway, Jeremy and I just had a movie date on Friday night, on Saturday we had a bbq with Jeremy's side of the family including our Aunt and Uncle from Canberra. We had quite the feast that day, I made my Oreo Cheesecake Cupcakes once again and our Aunty liked it so much she asked me fort he recipe.. I've got to email that to her before I forget. You can find the recipe here. And today, Sunday, we've got nothing planned but to just clean up a little around the house and attend mass later this afternoon.

Here are some photos of Jaiden showing us all the stages of how to eat whipped cream and the stages of how to get comfortable when on the iPhone.

I hope everyone had/will have a lovely Easter!

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