Friday, February 18, 2011

The past few days...

Jeremy and I went Winter clothes shopping so we could get a little head start since there's some days where the days are getting cold. I initially wanted to go to Big W since they had a baby-toddler sale/promo on but wanted to check out Kmart first, just to see which was cheaper and Kmart turned out to be a lot cheaper than Big W, so we just stayed there and got our goodies.

We got; 4 long sleeved tops, 3 t-shirts, 1 tracksuit pants, 1 cargo pants, 2 full body suits. We also got a bed railing for Jaiden's bed since he always finds himself falling off the bed almost every night and also a box of wipes.

We'll be shopping for more winter things when there are good deals about, which are almost all the time. And I guess, if I see myself strolling around, I always look for clothes for him. I can't wait for Winter to come! Jaiden's clothes will be so cute on him!

My girlfriends Megan and Jamielyn came over for a play date with their kids Aiden and Kiara. The kids were shy at first, which happens all the time though lol but got used to playing and being around each other. Though they would fight over a toy and have screaming competitions with other. Us mums just talked and caught up, mostly on Jamie's trip since she just came back recently.

Afterwards, we headed to Starbucks for a little chill and to eat Maccas. I had to leave Jaiden at home though (with his grandparents) because Jeremy had gone out with the car seat in the car.

I made scones in the morning for when Kaecee and her kids came over for the day since they missed out on the play date we had. The kids were just playing around, with each other and they also watched tv and Toy Story 3, I even had a little moment when I was playing with the kids and they were chasing me around.

Afterwards when Jeremy came back from work, Jeremy and I decided to watch a movie. So we dropped Jaiden off to my mums and we headed to the shops. We watched Unknown, which I thought was a great movie with a couple of twists in it. We bought dinner also, but ate it whilst watching the movie, as what we do all the time lol.



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