Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Hogs Breath Cafe

On Saturday night, since we didn't have anything planned and wanted to do something, we went to dinner at Hogs Breath Cafe in Blacktown. We initially wanted to go to Hurricanes but there were only located in Darling Harbour & Bondi. So we just settled for something locally and agreed to Hogs Breath since Jeremy/we haven't eaten there together before.

When we arrived, we had to wait 20 minutes for a table - which wasn't very long at all. During that time, Jeremy's friends Chris & Brad met up with us and got seated not long after they arrived. Though our food order took a while to get there. But it was worth the wait!

Jeremy and I got 'The Mixed Grill Tower for 2' accompanied by a 'Mudslide Cocktail' - which I didn't really find nice. It was very... watery for my liking. Jaiden ate the curly fries and a little bit of the garden salad. Jeremy and I dug into our food and to his surprised, we finished it all. Not that it was much of a surprise to me because there were two of us digging into it + a little boy who will eat anything.

We didn't stay long though because it was just too hot and we had no other purpose to stick around. Jaiden was chucking a little fit and sook when we were leaving and near the staircases. He wanted to go up and down the thing. Even after Jeremy letting him do it several times.. He just wanted to keep going! lol. 


I loved every bit of that night! We hadn't had a family outing like that in a while.
Our next one will hopefully be Valentines Day... maybe.

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