Monday, February 28, 2011

Busy filled weekend

This weekend has certainly been fun filled and no doubt a tiring one! 

On Saturday, before starting on anything, I re-dyed my hair for the second time since the hair dye I tried on Friday didn't work but thankfully this time around and thanks to Garnier, the dye worked. It's nothing too different at all, my hair is just a lighter shade of brown from my natural dark brown shaded hair.

After rinsing the dye out, I got stuck into my baking for the Christening I was making it for (as stated in my previous post, with the 'trial' run). I started baking at 4pm and was supposed to be assisted by my friend Jess, but since she had commitments she couldn't make it to mine any earlier. I baked 60 cupcakes in total - 50 for the Christening and an extra batch for Jeremy and his friends that came over to help him babysit. When I got to making the icing, one of the chrome beaters for the electric mixer broke and so I had improvise with one of the dough beater attachment. Luckily, it worked because I just had to soften the butter and luckily that it was just the icing and not the cupcake mix! By the time Jess arrived to mine, I had already started on the icing, and so she helped me to just decorate it with lollies. By the time we finished everything, from baking to decorating, it was just about to hit 8pm.. so I baked for a total of 4 hours!

After rushing on the decorations, we got ready for a girls night out. We got ready as quick as we could and got dropped off to the station. Stopped off at Granville to meet up with another girlfriend, Stacee. Got to the city and made our way to Verandah Bar where we planned on pre-drinking. Luckily, we didn't have to line up and was allowed to just go straight to the counter, because the line was crazy long! Saw a few familiar faces, said hi to them and got our drinks on. About 2 hours later (1.5 hours later than I planned) Jess and I finally left and made our way to Homebar. Once we got there and rang my family friend, she said they already left because the birthday girl wasn't feeling well.. so Jess and I made our way back to Verandah Bar where we just partied and danced with our friends that were already there. I was pretty saddened that we didn't make it in time to see the birthday girl. The whole purpose of me going out that night. oh well.. i guess things just happen. Anyway, we left to catch the 5:17am train and made it home an hour later. Got to sleep as soon as I got into my bed.

Then Sunday's day plans started at 9:30am when I received a phone call from my cousin saying she was on the way, because she wanted to stop by and see Jaiden. So for the day, I had to survive on 2 hours sleep. At 10am, we all got ready for the Christening. Jess and I got dropped off at the church while the boys went back home to clean up the place and then got picked up after the ceremony and all made our way to the reception which was at the park. Luckily enough, when i started raining, there was a vacant shaded area just nearby. Once we got home, I slept as much as I could and then woke up when my mum came over to pick Jaiden up for the night, so I could catch up on my needed sleep. Once Jaiden was gone, Jeremy and I had dinner and dessert then clonked out straight away.

like father, like son.. cake faces.

I woke up pretty early this morning too, 7:30am to pick up Jaiden from my mums since she had something to do. Once we got home, I went straight back to sleep which was around just before 9am hit and woke up at 1:30pm. I finally caught up on my much needed sleep over 2 days. I woke up to find Jeremy asleep in the lounge so I woke him up to go to our bed. I made a Thai inspired mince dish and served it with rice. My mum came over for a bit and ate lunch here.

What a very busy weekend this was for me. My body is still incredibly sore and needs massaging attention straight away! Hoping to get one from Jeremy tonight, before going to bed haha.

 I hope everyone had a good weekend! x

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  1. yum! i love cupcakes! looks delish! oh and I love your hair =)


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