Tuesday, February 15, 2011

happy valentines!

Jeremy and I didn't have much planned for the day to celebrate because we were only limited to staying home since the weather was gloomy and the skies were dark.. we were initially supposed to go to the park for a picnic as a family. Instead, we cooked different dishes for not only each other, but for the whole household. Jeremy cooked spaghetti with red wine and olives in it, while I baked a chocolate cake especially for Jeremy, but everyone was of course free to eat some.

Although I don't really like celebrating Valentines because I honestly don't think that one day of the year everyone 'can' show their love to each other. What about every other  day of the year? We always have little dates here and there anyway and that's what I really want most. But I'm not being a little grinch with everyone else celebrating it. It's just what I think anyway.

I hope everyone had a great day sharing and showing each other your love!
 Don't just limit it to one day ;)

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  1. hey I'm a new follower =)
    I agree about the valentines day thing. why should only one day out of the year be the time to show your love. me and my hubby don't celebrate valentines day much but we just went out to dinner as a family.


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