Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Birthday Costume delivered - TICK!

I just got Jaiden's birthday costume - The Hulk - in the mail today! Well, it was actually delivered to my front door since it was too big to fit in the mail box & pretty much a 'parcel' anyway.

I was so excited to open it! As you can see in the picture, on the bottom left hand corner I already started ripping it up but then realized I needed to take a photo first lol.

I looked at it and it looks a little too big for Jaiden. Ugh I knew I should've gotten him the size 6-12 months for a perfect fit! But being Asian and a 'mother' I guess (?) I ended up getting the 12-18 months size! Argh! Now I have to think of getting it a little altered, if needed of course! But hopefully it'll fit him just fine!

I can't wait for Jaiden to wake up from his afternoon nap now, just so I can try it on him lol. He's going to look so great and absolutely cute in it!!

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