Saturday, October 2, 2010

Hariette's 21st Birthday

Yesterday was my family friend Hariette's 21st birthday yesterday (actual birthday too) and we celebrated with all her family and family friends at a Filipino restaurant with kareoke aswell. But no one really sang but the adults (typical lol) especially the dad! Since he was drunk and all. Afterwards, we decided to have a little drink up back at home with the teenagers but once we got there, no one drank cos they either had; work, assignments to be done and/or driving! Including me but mine was because of Jaiden, the next day. So instead we just wacthed Rocky II and just caught up on missed things. Then around 3:30am I got dropped off and was back home with  my babies.

Even though our plans didn't go to what we wanted, I still had a great night! Because it had been so long since I had proper conversations individually with them and catching up on things! Especially with their busy life (work, uni, bf/gf's) they hardly have time for their own family! lol but it's always worth it at the end because we have so much to talk about.

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