Friday, October 15, 2010

Birthday Costume - tick.

As Jaiden's birthday is coming to a near (Nov. 17) and as I like to get organised well before the actual party day, I ordered Jaiden's birthday costume. I made his birthday party theme" Super hero's". And since Jeremy loves The Hulk and since they're pretty much hard to find within a normal costume shop (for babies) I ordered Jaiden The Hulk baby costume!

The best part of it, which I'm still amazed at how much it costed me, was the price! I bought it for only $26.95 all together! Costume being $13.96 & Postage being (AUS) $12.99. Pretty cheap right?!

If you guys want to get some costumes, I recommend you get it from this site! They sell their costumes at wholesale prices, hence the reason of it being so cheap! -

I can't wait to get Jaiden in his costume! He's going to be absolutely cute!!

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