Sunday, October 17, 2010

Megan's Hens Night

Yesterday was my friend Megan's Hens Night. And to celebrate, we had dinner at a restaurant along King St. Warf at a Spanish joint called La Cita and afterwards followed some dancing upstairs.

The night started off pretty early, being picked up by Meg at 5pm, then went around to pick up her friend but she wasn't ready yet, so we headed to her parents house and met up with her sisters and friend. Went inside and said hi to little Aiden for a second. Then we headed off to the city. It was kind of odd that there was traffic along the M4 and then again on Wattle St, which was normal. But those delayed us another 30mins to an hour, since our booking was at 6:30pm. When we got there, we literally went around the world and back to just find parking and then at the very last minute, the worker told as we could park anywhere (incl. reserved spots), so annoying! The walk to the restaurant was kind of long because we were all just so hungry &to top it off, it was so windy and cold!

We eventually got there. Sat down and just talked for a little while, took photo's and waited on other people to arrive. There was quite a few ladies having their Hens night there too, I think around 4 others? So it was just packed with ladies! lol. There was this random girl that went up to Meg and said "Your facials are so exquisite!" and then kissed her cheek and went around our table to everyone and squeezed our shoulders together. lol so weird! But anyway, our
food ended up coming and so we ate.

After digesting our food, we headed upstairs where they played some music. Just had a shot and danced a little with everyone. Though I wasn't really liking the music, since it was all just 'Latin' influenced music and you couldn't really dance to it. I sat down most of the time, which was okay cos I was keeping myself warm.

We ended our night just after 11pm. Megan and I were just laughing about us being so old that we have to go home early to "get back to our babies" lol. I didn't mind though because I getting pretty tired. It's the whole motherhood thing, taking over every emotion in you lol.

Megs Sister, Jen.
A toast to Meg!
Meg and Myself.

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