Sunday, October 24, 2010

Melanie's Wedding

On Saturday, it was one of Jeremy's co-workers wedding. Jeremy & I only attended the ceremony, since we were already running late. Then before heading off to the reception, we went back home to get Jaiden ready and just followed our parents, in their car.

The wedding wasn't at all big, it was just all their close friends, co-workers and family there. Though I just have to comment on their house (reception)! It was just so beautiful; the area, the houses around, the architecture of the house itself! I loved how they had a pool in their backyard, even though it was so small, it looked just right! And I absolutely loved how the houses were so modern! The weather wasn't as good though, since it started raining, but luckily it started when the ceremony was just finished and everyone was just taking photo's.

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