Sunday, November 6, 2011

Day and Night #1 in Philippines

Yesterday, 5 Nov. we left Sydney for our holiday destination, Philippines.
The flight was longer than I remember it to be, but then again.. that was 6 years ago. I must admit, when I arrived in Philippines, I felt so renewed as if some of the stress that was on me was lifted away. I'm so glad we're here to just enjoy ourselves and see relatives.

Our first night wasn't too bad. Just a little sad to know that we got ripped off from our taxi ride because they obviously knew we were foreigners and took advantage of us. But at least it wasn't overly priced. We've both learned our lesson. Jeremy and I got to the hotel the same time our parents and Jaiden arrived too. I was so glad to see Jaiden and have him back in my arms. 8 hours seemed so long. We ended up having a buffet Asian dinner in our hotel restaurant, which gave me some allergic reaction from something I don't know what but have an idea.

The sleeping part was a little hard. We all slept at separate times, woke up in the middle of the night constantly and woke up in the morning at different times. This is going to be fun trying to adjust ourselves. Our breakfast this morning was really good. I'm glad I have my appetite back and ready to try anything and everything.

Right now, the boys are having naps while we wait for our parents to come back from cleaning their condo. Hopefully we can explore really soon. The weather here isn't great.. it's gloomy, rainy but boiling hot and humid! You're looking at 30 degrees Celsius!

Here are a couple of photos:


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