Sunday, October 31, 2010

Mr & Mrs. Gonzales

Saturday October 30th 2010, marked the day where two people unite to become as one; Megan & Allen's wedding day...

The day started off early for us, as all parents have to be doing with a baby. Left the house at 10am to make it in time for the 11am ceremony, but when we arrived (30 mins before) a the Hillsong Chapel, Norwest,  no one was there yet and so it had started a little later, 30 mins. So in the meantime, said hi to a few friends and introduced them to Jaiden and Jeremy. Let the babies, Kiara and Jaiden play a little while getting settled in the chapel. They were a little loud though, having screaming comps and what not lol.

The ceremony finally started and once I saw Meg, I was so astounded as to how beautiful she looked! She made such a beautiful bride, seriously! I could just imagine how Allen was feeling whilst waiting for her at the top of the isle.


Since the bridal party had to take photo's after the ceremony, everyone had a good 3h to spare. So we went straight home and just napped! Since we were sleepy since having an early morning wake up. Then at around 4pm we got ready again to go to the reception which was at The Nutrimetics Convention Centre, Balmain,  but first had a quick stop off at Kmart to buy a card :P

We got there and got ourselves settled down, caught up with Angelo and Jamielyn as we never see them! Also said hi and had proper conversations with friends that we hardly see. Tried to get Jaiden to play with them but he was a little shy at first and would just cringe and stay close to me lol. He's truly a mama's boy!

The reception then started and speeches were being made by the grooms & brides fathers, the best man Paulie (whom Allen cried in :p)  and the maid of honour, performances by Terences group who danced and had a break dance show - with Paulie included then and a singing performance by Jamielyn. And food being served.


Bride & Groom's first dance.

removing of the garter
throwing of the bouquet

Friday, October 29, 2010

Mum & Dad costumes - TICK!

On Thursday, after Jeremy had finished work... We headed to the shops to look for our costumes and a dress for me to wear to Megan's & Allen's wedding this Saturday.

Previously, I had seen a batman singlet from Target but in Parramatta. Since all Target stock the same items we just went to our local one. Unfortunately, I couldn't find the Batman one but spotted Wonderwoman/Superwoman & as Jeremy had stated earlier, he didn't want to be Superman cos he's crap lol. But then I spotted a set of PJ's in the little boys section (L.O.L), it also came complete with a cape! So I immediately took it without telling Jeremy & then looked for a Superman shirt in the Men's section for him, luckily I found one that was perfect! It's just got Superman's body imprinted & the head being Jeremy's head.

I eventually convinced Jeremy to just accept it because we won't be able to get anything better and I really didn't want to spend so much on a costume for a 'one-time' use. I also didn't want to get it online, just incase it doesn't come in on time, since the party is just 3 weeks away.. just precautions. And he just sucked it up and dealt with it lol.

So we're both going as Superman & Superwoman. I'm glad we're a couple instead of going as different characters. I thought it would have been more appropriate since we are a couple and being the parents, we just have to be the same.

And thank god for being so small! I actually fit into a size 8 little boys! I guess that's one benefit of being really small! haha though the top kind of chokes me around the neck and just covers my whole stomach. I'm thinking of altering the neck area, just so it won't choke me as much lol. 

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Birthday Costume delivered - TICK!

I just got Jaiden's birthday costume - The Hulk - in the mail today! Well, it was actually delivered to my front door since it was too big to fit in the mail box & pretty much a 'parcel' anyway.

I was so excited to open it! As you can see in the picture, on the bottom left hand corner I already started ripping it up but then realized I needed to take a photo first lol.

I looked at it and it looks a little too big for Jaiden. Ugh I knew I should've gotten him the size 6-12 months for a perfect fit! But being Asian and a 'mother' I guess (?) I ended up getting the 12-18 months size! Argh! Now I have to think of getting it a little altered, if needed of course! But hopefully it'll fit him just fine!

I can't wait for Jaiden to wake up from his afternoon nap now, just so I can try it on him lol. He's going to look so great and absolutely cute in it!!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Melanie's Wedding

On Saturday, it was one of Jeremy's co-workers wedding. Jeremy & I only attended the ceremony, since we were already running late. Then before heading off to the reception, we went back home to get Jaiden ready and just followed our parents, in their car.

The wedding wasn't at all big, it was just all their close friends, co-workers and family there. Though I just have to comment on their house (reception)! It was just so beautiful; the area, the houses around, the architecture of the house itself! I loved how they had a pool in their backyard, even though it was so small, it looked just right! And I absolutely loved how the houses were so modern! The weather wasn't as good though, since it started raining, but luckily it started when the ceremony was just finished and everyone was just taking photo's.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Play Date

On Thursday, I had invited two of my girlfriends Jamielyn & Megan to come over to have a play date with our babies - Kiara, 14 months & Aiden, 12 months.

As a good guest, I had prepared cupcakes for them to munch on. But since they had to delay for 2 hours due to their babies having naps, I let Jaiden eat his share of it first.

Then Megan and Aiden had arrived at our place first. Jaiden was excited to see another baby there but for some odd reason, when they were next to each other, Jaiden started to bully baby Aiden! He would literally push his face away, pull his hair, stand  up. But Aiden would just take it all in and cry! ngaww poor baby. But they eventually learnt to tolerate each other and not exactly play with each other but next to each other lol.

Then Jamielyn arrived with baby Kiara. Jaiden was happy to see her too and then became really shy! At first, he wouldn't go near her lol. I found it cute. Then later on, when they were close to each other, Jaiden would attack her and pull her hair and push her face away lol. 

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