Saturday, October 23, 2010

Play Date

On Thursday, I had invited two of my girlfriends Jamielyn & Megan to come over to have a play date with our babies - Kiara, 14 months & Aiden, 12 months.

As a good guest, I had prepared cupcakes for them to munch on. But since they had to delay for 2 hours due to their babies having naps, I let Jaiden eat his share of it first.

Then Megan and Aiden had arrived at our place first. Jaiden was excited to see another baby there but for some odd reason, when they were next to each other, Jaiden started to bully baby Aiden! He would literally push his face away, pull his hair, stand  up. But Aiden would just take it all in and cry! ngaww poor baby. But they eventually learnt to tolerate each other and not exactly play with each other but next to each other lol.

Then Jamielyn arrived with baby Kiara. Jaiden was happy to see her too and then became really shy! At first, he wouldn't go near her lol. I found it cute. Then later on, when they were close to each other, Jaiden would attack her and pull her hair and push her face away lol. 

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