Thursday, October 7, 2010

online shopping, you're the best!

On the weekend, my best friend Mariecar and I did a little online shopping from the site she discovered ASOS. And this morning, the package came in!
I was so surprised as to how quickly everything had come in because the estimated date of delivery was on the 15th Oct. but it only took them around 4 days to deliver it!! And I am so happy with what I have gotten! I will definitely be going back to that website and shop more! Here are the things I bought:
  • Floral patchwork skinny jeans - $30.33
  • High-waist shorts -$ 16.85
  • Men’s Hooded utility jacket - $26.96
  • Half frames retro sunglasses - $15.17
  • Bikini top w/ gold sliders - $11.80
  • Boudoir Satin grosgrain pants - $5.06
  • Boys Navy skinny’s - $10.11
  • Boys tie dye top - $5.06
Next items on my list will definitely be Swimwear (bottoms & one piece) and definitely more clothes for Jeremy and Jaiden!!

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