Monday, November 29, 2010

Flickr Photostream

I've decided to make a Flickr account and post up photo's that I've taken.
It will mostly just contain photo's of Jaiden since he's always my main focus and main purpose when I take photos. There may be the occasional random shots aswell.

Have a browse around, there will be more photo's added up very soon!


During the week, my close friend Kaecee was telling me that she was going out on Saturday for a little date with her finace to celebrate their 2.5years but had to take their little girl, also my god-daughter Aurora. So I offered to babysit, considering I know how much they needed to have their alone time without their kids. So Kaecee also asked her twin Stacee to help me out since I'll be having Jaiden with me too and she said yes.

Saturday came and when we arrived Jaiden was already asleep so I just had to lay him on the bed and take care of Aurora. I had to bribe her with chocolate mint slices to get her away from the front door because she knew her parents were going away. It was so cute! She was literally hugging the door lol. But once I got her away from there and out of her parents sight, I quickly told them to run out of the door before she notices.

She ended up noticing after a little bit and started to cry and whine. Then I gave her more bites of the biscuit she took earlier and I put on Toy Story 3 for her to watch, we sat on the couch with her in my lap and me hugging her then she fell asleep! I was surprised because she never sleeps that early in the afternoon (as what Kaecee told me). I tried to have a nap aswell because I was still pretty drained from going out the night before and only having 5h sleep.


30 minutes later, Stacee arrived and eventually woke Aurora up because she was so loud LOL then Jaiden ended up waking up too. So they were both in the lounge and started playing around a little and eating, scabbing food from us and handing it each other to eat lol so cute! They continued to watch Toy Story 3 and to my surprise, Jaiden was actually interested and watching! He's never like that with movies apart from The Lion King. They just continued to play throughout the day, watched The Lion King and Hercules (cartoon), ate, drank and took several naps in between. 

Then at around 11PM, Kaecee and John arrived after picking their son up from John's mums house and came home with goodies for the kids and macaroons for me to taste! The first time I ever tasted them and it was sooo good! I am definitely going to get myself some next time I'm in town. Thanks Kace!

Then it was home time all of us! But clubbing/work for Stacee lol. I didn't end up sleeping until around after 2AM because Jeremy was out with his friends and I wanted to wait up but couldn't resist sleep and eventually conked out lol.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Beach Day

Friday was set as 31˚C in Western Sydney and 27˚C in the Northern beaches, and since it was Jeremy's day off, we planned a few days earlier to make an effort to go to the beach. So we did. Thursday night at late night shopping, I had already bought Jaiden's swimmers and swimming nappies. So when Friday came, we were set to go and not have the trouble to stop off at the shops. 

Jaiden and I started getting ready around midday while Jeremy went to pick his best friend Chris and my cousins son Dennis up, so they can accompany us to the beach. Once they came back, we were on our way!

Once we got to the beach, luckily for us we instantly found parking! But unfortunate that the sun wasn't there anymore! So it was a tad gloomy and not as sunny as we thought it would have been but was still a little humid. 

Once we reached the end of the staircase where the sand was, I took Jaiden's sandals off so he can feel it for himself. He didn't think of anything at first but when he touched the sand, he felt weird and kept looking up at me and sooked a little just so I could pick him up. Just to speed things up in walking to our spot, I eventually did. We set up Jaiden's little tent up and layed the picnic rug out.

looking at the sand on his hands, thinking "what is this?!"

Then the boys immediately went in for a little dip, just to see how cold the water was. They came back and told me it was 'freezing' and 'really cold', so there was no way I was going to swim, nor Jaiden.

But I took Jaiden to the water just to dip his feet in. At first, he was a little scared of the water coming closer to touching his feet but got used to it. Then Jeremy came down to us to see what Jaiden's reactions were and he took him in a little deeper to let a wave crash upon his body, one came and crashed just under his neck and once the water had touched him, he immediately cried lol. Not sure whether it was the wave hitting him or the coldness of the water, I think it's a combination of both though. So we just sat on the picnic rug, kept Jaiden warm and took photo's to remember the day.

Just before leaving, I told Chris to take Jaiden to the water for the last time so I can quickly get some snaps. Then they followed the seagulls around because Jaiden was more interested in watching them fly around more than anything else. So Jeremy started throwing food just infront of him and eventually pretty much all the seagulls flew to us. Then once I had finished taking photo's with the seagulls, Dennis chased them all away.

Then it was off to the water again to take some last steps in the water before leaving.

And then it was finally time for us to get changed, clean up and pack up! But before leaving, we just had to take more photo's!


Then it was finally home time. Though it took us so long to get home, roughly more or less than 2 hours because of traffic.

It was definitely a really good day for all of us and having to experience Jaiden's first time at the beach. Though it would have been a lot better if it were hotter so Jaiden and I could have dipped our bodies in. And even though it was gloomy, I still managed to get sunburnt. I think I got that by just sitting in the passenger seat and soaking in the sun while we were stuck in traffic.

I can't wait for our next swimming adventure! I think next, we'll take Jaiden to the pools for another different experience and I think he'll like that more, without the sand around lol.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Santa Photos

Early this evening, before meeting up with my girlfriends Jamielyn and Megan, we took a family photo with Santa.

I initially wanted it to be just Jaiden with Santa, but once the random lady had a hold of him, he wouldn't stop bawling his eyes out! So I had no choice but to make it a family photo. Though I'm not complaining about it because I wanted it aswell before pushing me to just be Jaiden, solo.

So now, we finally have a family photo with Santa Claus, as we didn't get to get one done last year for Jaiden's first Christmas.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

First hair cut

Just early this evening, Jeremy's mum gave Jaiden his first hair cut! It was just a little trim to get them out of his eyes and ears though. I had to give him two chocolate baby biscuits to keep him still lol.

Even though it was just a little trim, we managed to get a lot of hair! lol

And this is what the finished and newly groomed Jaiden looks like. He looks so much more like a boy now and not a girl that has a fringe and a little mullet lol.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Pad Thai & Harry Potter

Last night, Jeremy and I decided to have dinner and watch a movie since we hadn't done that in a while. So we dropped Jaiden off to my mums (since it was her day to babysit - it's becoming a ritual every week now).

So anyway, once we got to the joint, we ordered Pad Thai on the go (to eat in the movies lol) and lined up to get our tickets. Luckily it was a Sunday night and a late viewing, which meant there was hardly anyone there, there were probably more or less than 10 people in the cinema and we were in the X-treme screen.

I thought the movie was so great! Harry Potter movies never disappoint me. I found it to be spontaneous, a little scary in some bits and it was most definitely appealing to my eyes, every second of it. I can't wait for the next part of it, though I don't like the thought of it being the last movie ever :(

Once I got home, I started to miss Jaiden, his absence is starting to grow more each time he's away and gets babysat. But I know Jaiden feels 10x worst than I do.. which is a little bad in a way because then it gets harder to leave him with other people when I want to just be alone or go out... that's a different story.

But anyway, once I saw my bed, I immediately layed down and dosed off. I slept in until 10:30AM this morning, still a little tired but forced myself out of bed because it was getting late. And I must say, it was a much needed sleep-in! I get so exhausted everyday, I don't even know why.
Glad I had the catch up of sleep that I truly needed.

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