Monday, November 22, 2010

Partying with Superheroes

Saturday, 20 Nov. was Jaiden's first birthday party, so it was an early start for all of us, having to wake up at 7AM (including Jaiden) to get things prepared and take down to the park.
My cousin Dennis slept over the night before, so in the morning, Jeremy & him went off early to pick up more friends to help set up and 'claim' our spot at the reserve. Jeremy was driving back & forth to the shops, to home and to the park to get things done and taken over. Thankful for his friends that helped throughout the morning/day.

(pictured; Jaiden playing with the little bin for the drinks, before daddy taking it away)

Jaiden managed to sneak in a little nap but unfortunately I couldn't. I tried but once I closed my eyes, Jeremy had already come back to get more things, so I had to tell him what to get.

11AM came and it was time for us to get ready and dressed into our costumes.
Jaiden being The Hulk and me being Super Woman.

Then it was off to the park for all of us. When we got there, there were already a couple of people and kids playing around at the activity set for the kids (one of the reasons I made it at the park).
Talked a little with everyone and more people were coming. Jeremy started cooking the bbq and it was all going smoothly! More kids played at the park and running around. It was so cute, them being in their costumes and all! Adorable!

I love our cake! Thanks to my friend Jessica's Aunty, Charisma for making it! Totally made me save a whole lot of money! I think it was perfect, considering this was the second time ever making a novelty cake!!

The cupcakes were such a bargain too! Thanks to my mum, who found the offer online and pushed me to take it (lol). I paid only $25 for two boxes and one box of mini cupcakes. They were so yum too!

(My two gorgeous God-daughers - Celina & Aurora).

(My cousins).

My friends and God-mothers of Jaiden, Stacee & Andrea came by at our house after the party since they had work and couldn't make it. We caught up a little, more of just Andrea because I hardly ever see her! But it was good to see them both instead of not seeing them at all right?! Better late than never!

Jaiden was so overwhelmed with the presents he got and since it was all toys, he didn't know what one to play with first lol. It was the cutest! He would crawl over to one side and play with toys and then go to the other side to play with the wrapping haha.

A big thank you to all that had came and made the effort to spend the special day with our family and especially to have their presence there for Jaiden to celebrate his First birthday party! 

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