Friday, March 29, 2013

Jaiden's biggest adventure yet

On Tuesday, we farewelled our little man. He's off to Philippines with Jeremy's parents for two months.

Something we both agreed on, that took several months to come to a conclusion, but we said yes. For his sake - he's at that age where he knows things, he'll most likely remember, see his great grandpa before it's too late, explore Philippines and go on an adventure in general. As for us - Jeremy can focus on his studies and find himself in a new routine for the next few years.

We couldn't be any happier and have not trusted anyone else but Jeremy's parents. We're thankful to even have this offered to us and Jaiden to start off with and just everything else on top.

Cannot wait to see Jaiden when he comes back, unfortunately not when Mother's Day comes but most importantly - in time for my birthday. Cannot wait for his stories, photos and things he'll bring back.

One of the biggest adventures he's gone on to date, with his special friend Woody to share it with him.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Easter Show 2013

One of the biggest things for kids to do is finally here; the Easter Show. Where the kids dig holes into their parents' wallets for toys, lollies, games and rides plus food at the venue on top. But that didn't phase me, obviously I knew that's what we have to do for our kids.

This year we decided Jaiden was big enough to go to the Easter Show and he knew what he liked so it was easy for him to point out what he wanted instead of sitting there for ages deciding what to get.

We got there nice and early, so when we were roaming there wasn't much of a crowd to battle and we were able to see the animals with ease. We got to see horses, ponies and touch the farm animals. Jaiden was also face-painted as Spider Man! He stayed in character since! Though when he the "real" Spider Man and Wolverine, he suddenly got starstruck. Jaiden only got one showbag, which was Batman - pretty much the only one worth buying.

Jeremy and Jaiden took turns playing games but of course Jaiden took all the winnings and left me with nothing because Jeremy didn't win one game haha. 

Overall, a great day out as a family and the best thing we could've done before Jaiden goes away.


Friday, March 15, 2013

One Manly afternoon

The other day, Jeremy and Jaiden visited me at work to take me out to dinner (Jeremy making it up to me/sucking up) and surprised me with roses in hand and then went to Manly for dinner.

We walked the streets and wharf, looking for restaurants to eat, sat down on the stairs/pier enjoying the sunset and just watching people come from work off the ferry and onto their bikes. What a lifestyle they had, we thought.

Here's a few shots I took while out, embracing the moment.
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