Friday, October 29, 2010

Mum & Dad costumes - TICK!

On Thursday, after Jeremy had finished work... We headed to the shops to look for our costumes and a dress for me to wear to Megan's & Allen's wedding this Saturday.

Previously, I had seen a batman singlet from Target but in Parramatta. Since all Target stock the same items we just went to our local one. Unfortunately, I couldn't find the Batman one but spotted Wonderwoman/Superwoman & as Jeremy had stated earlier, he didn't want to be Superman cos he's crap lol. But then I spotted a set of PJ's in the little boys section (L.O.L), it also came complete with a cape! So I immediately took it without telling Jeremy & then looked for a Superman shirt in the Men's section for him, luckily I found one that was perfect! It's just got Superman's body imprinted & the head being Jeremy's head.

I eventually convinced Jeremy to just accept it because we won't be able to get anything better and I really didn't want to spend so much on a costume for a 'one-time' use. I also didn't want to get it online, just incase it doesn't come in on time, since the party is just 3 weeks away.. just precautions. And he just sucked it up and dealt with it lol.

So we're both going as Superman & Superwoman. I'm glad we're a couple instead of going as different characters. I thought it would have been more appropriate since we are a couple and being the parents, we just have to be the same.

And thank god for being so small! I actually fit into a size 8 little boys! I guess that's one benefit of being really small! haha though the top kind of chokes me around the neck and just covers my whole stomach. I'm thinking of altering the neck area, just so it won't choke me as much lol. 

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