Monday, July 9, 2012

Hunter Valley

Our mini family weekend getaway started on Friday night. The drive wasn't as long as we had thought it would have been. The 1 bedroom villa we hired was amazing; it had stairs leading to the main area from the front door, with a balcony and a spa in our ensuite. Since we arrived at night, we just settled in our place, had dinner and watched tv and planned for our next day.

Saturday morning welcomed us with sun rays seeping through our curtains, so I knew today would be a good day, blessed with amazing weather. We got ready up and early and made our way to the Hunter Valley Gardens where the Snow Time in the Garden and the Chocolate Festival was held. First we had brunch before heading off to the main area. Luckily we got there early because the line was incredibly long! We didn't know where to start once we got into the venue! We settled with just walking around with really no destination but to just see a bit of everything. I couldn't help but take photos of everything! The garden was amazing. They had a stall where there were several chefs making masterpieces out of chocolate! It was amazing! They all looked too good to eat, as you can imagine.

We found the main stall where they sold all kinds of cupcakes, chocolates and desserts in general and I didn't know where to start! Though the prices stopped and limited me on what to buy haha. Jeremy tried a chocolate beer they were selling and only drank half the cup because he didn't like it. As good as it sounds being 'Chocolate Beer', it didn't taste good. We didn't buy much from the place, we only bought wine, liqueur, chocolates and cupcakes for the kids. I was a little disappointed as I came in there to buy so much things. Once we finished our adventures in the garden, we headed back home for a little nap since we all needed it from the non-stop walking around.

For dinner, we went to sSs BBQ Barns in Cessnock which was 20 minutes away from the place we were staying at. Since we were a little too early for our reservations, we had to wait until our reservation time which was 40 minutes but once we got our table, we were served first since we waited so long. I had a steak, Jeremy had ribs and Jaiden just had some chips. We didn't do much after dinner, we just went home and watched some Titanic.

Sunday morning and our last day. We got up nice and early again, packed up and headed to the Hunter Valley Gardens again to have breakfast. Our plan for the day was to just stop off at the places where we wanted to go to and slowly make our way home.

We stopped off at The Hunter Valley Cheese Company for Jeremy where he had a bit of a taste session and took a quick geese at McGuigan Wines where we tasted some dessert wines and bought a bottle for the parents. There, we also had a quick photoshoot where the vineyards were. Too bad there weren't any that were blooming and growing. Afterwards, we visited The Hunter Valley Chocolate Company where I honestly thought was going to be like an actual Willy Wonka factory but unfortunately it wasn't. It was such a disappointment for me. We also visited Sabor in the Hunter where I bought an Ecuadorian Tres and some Macarons for the boys.

The drive back home wasn't as long as we thought it would've been. It actually felt shorter than the time we got there. I guess because it was during the day.

I loved this getaway of ours. I can't wait for the next one. It was so peaceful and we were open to do anything and everything.



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