Sunday, July 29, 2012

Jeremy's 23rd Birthday

A big HAPPY 23rd Birthday to my baby daddy & fiance.

This year, I didn't get what Jeremy wanted for his birthday but something he's always wanted to do. So I surprised him with Paintball and organised all his friends to be there.

We had an early wake up of 6:30am, but first Jaiden gave his birthday present to daddy (pictured below) together with my card and some hugs & kisses. Then followed with a 7am pick up from our brother in law Manuel to take us to Jeremy's part 2 surprise present.

We blind-folded Jeremy so he wouldn't know where we were going and did a couple of rounds around the round-about so he couldn't trace his way in his mind, which worked haha. Then made our way to the Paintball place which was only like 10m away from us. Jeremy's mates arrived one by one. The guy who worked there gave away the surprise though because he came up and spoke up the upgrade deals they had on during the day haha. But it was okay, Jeremy said he was surprised and more surprised that his friends were there.

I had to play because I already paid for someone but they couldn't come, so I had to take their place. But it was okay with me, I got to play and I'm sure that's what Jeremy would have wanted too. And I didn't get hit as much as I thought, though when I did it killed!

The main thing is, Jeremy had fun playing and now he has stories to share with his friends and look back on the memories.

We love you so much Daddy Jeremy. Jaiden and I are so blessed to have you in our lives and for everything you have done for us both.

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