Sunday, December 5, 2010

Cocktails & BBQ & Family

Yesterday we had a bbq with Jeremy's side of the family, at his sisters house for their dads birthday. So, it was like a mini birthday party but just with family.

We went to their house earlier than everyone else, so Jeremy could help cooking the BBQ. Then while waiting for the food to be cooked, Jeremy's sister made some starter cocktails for each of us. She made Pina Colada which was sooo yummy! Everyone then arrived at around 1:30pm, had more cocktails and also tried her home made frozen strawberry yoghurt and then got our feed on.

Home made Frozen strawberry yoghurt

Then after our feed, we all gathered in the lounge to play some video games. We all wanted to try out their new Xbox 360 Kinect which they only bought the day before! It was so fun! It disappointed me that our Xbox is broken & that we could've gotten the kinect aswell lol. We danced most of the time. We had more cocktails - Strawberry daiquiri  & Midori Splice which were both also very yummy! And then we blew the cake out. I got him a Banana Cake - since our Uncle is allergic to chocolate.


A great day indoors, spent with family, great food and great cocktails! What a way to spend a weekend! Just the way I like it & intend on doing in future years to come.

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