Friday, December 3, 2010

club hop

Friday afternoon, lastweek, as I was going home from the beach, I received a message from my sis/close friend Stacee asking me if I wanted to check out a new club that was having a grand-opening that night. So after asking Jeremy, I said yes, because I needed a night out with friends since I hadn't gone out since Megan's Hens night.

First off, our friend Pagna picked Stacee and Jessica up, Japheth made his way to mine and then we all got picked up and made our way to the city. Arrived at The Mansion where they were holding the event 'QF' which was the one opening. We got inside just before hitting 12AM or probably just on the dot and met up with Stacee & Jess' friend Hazel. When we got in, we were kind of disappointed the dance floor wasn't so big and there wasn't that many people there, and a lot of drunk people dancing, their music wasn't so good either.

So after having a drink and talking amongst each other, we all decided to go to Flow Fridays. There wasn't as much people there than usual but still a good size that filled the dance floor and the music was a lot better! We did our usual thing, drank, danced and mocked other people (lol). We stayed until the end which was around 3AM and made our way home. I didn't get home until around 4AM since we had to drop everyone else off, leaving me until last.

I was so glad to be in my warm bed next to my baby! Nothing better than coming home to that! ♥ ♥

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