Sunday, December 5, 2010


A few days ago, Jeremy took me to The Salvation Army (Salvo's) in Minchinbury so I could have a look around the place since I've been wanting to op-shop and check the joint out. I ended up purchasing;
one black long sleeve sheer top, two pairs of jeans (to turn into shorts) = $21.

And today, I attempted to make my first DIY shorts. Here are some photos, from each stage.

Cutting shorts into its shape, from the jeans.

Full length jeans are now shorts

Beginning of fraying.

Adding ripped/frayed detail on the left of the shorts.

Adding ripped/frayed detail on the right of the shorts

I quite like how it turned out, though I got really tired from all the fraying, so I might fray it a little more another day if I'm bothered. I've still got another pair to do but will save it for another day also.

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