Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Mums birthday


On Monday, I took her out to lunch together with Jaiden and my cousin Liz. We were initially supposed to eat at Ribs n Rumps but had to settle for something locally since she had something to do in the afternoon. So we ended up eating at the new Pho Restaurant at Blacktown on 4. I'm not a big fan of Asian food, but what we had was quite alright, together with our own smoothies - mango, jackfruit & avocado. Jaiden seemed to love the food and the mango smoothie my mum gave him.

After eating, Liz and I just walked around and window shopped whilst waiting for my mum to finish doing something. Then when we went home, we left Liz behind with her friends she had met up with.

I'm still on the lookout for my mums birthday present. Not sure what to get, but I have an idea. I just have to choose from my choices. I'll probably give it to her for Christmas. (I know you read this mum, so be patient lol). 

love you mum!

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