Monday, December 6, 2010

Liverpool ;

Today my mother, Jaiden & I went to visit our cousin at Liverpool in hospital who had just gave birth on the 3rd Dec. to her new addition to her family and second child, Jake.

Before heading to the hospital, we had to kill time at Westfields because the visiting hours started at 3:30pm & we were already on our way at 12:30pm. I was excited to go to the area since I was raised there throughout my childhood & highschool years, so I was revisiting it. How I've missed it!
We shopped and looked around, saw a couple of people there & just did the quick hello's. I ended up buying a jumpsuit for myself and an elf suit for Jaiden as his Christmas outfit (since he was Santa last year) & nappies + juice for Jaiden. We let Jaiden ride the pony at Big W which he was a little scared of but then got used to it lol. Then as we were walking to the car, we let Jaiden ride in the baby rides - The Wiggles car ride which he loved! He was steering the wheel and was even standing up lol. There was another toddler there which rode with Jaiden the first time & kindly put in another coin for Jaiden to ride again. How nice! Then we stopped off at the Pet Shop to show Jaiden the puppies displayed in the windows & he was scared of touching the window lol. It was so cute! He just stood there and laughed at them.

Then when 3pm came, we headed off to the hospital, since it was just around the corner. We got there & Romeo's (the husband/dad) cousin and aunty were there so we accompanied them and caught up with Charlotte (the mum/cousin). I got to hold baby Jake & talked about him being so small. I honestly can't remember Jaiden being sooo tiny, like he was! And now when I look at Jaiden, I can't imagine him that small anymore lol. My mum & Charlotte talked more whilst I was just holding the baby. Though I was hoping Celina was going to be there but she was with her grandparents, I've missed the little munchkin!

Afterwards, we were all hungry & wanted to eat, my mum wanted to dine in somewhere. So we went to a little Thai Restaurant off Elizabeth Drive called 'Enthaicement'. We ordered Satay Chicken & my mum ordered some chicken soup (don't know the name) which was nice, especially with the coconut milk touch to it & served with rice, drained down with a glass of avocado smoothies each. It was such a nice meal & the environment was nice, having to sit outside with the bright sun still out at 6pm. Even Jaiden had a little bite out of our food and drink lol, he loves anything, as long as it's eatable :p

 And then it was home time for all of us. Jaiden and I ended up falling asleep in the car for the whole ride home. I couldn't wait to get in and just relax. It was such a great day out, spent with my mum & having to visit the old hometown again. I love days like these, it's safe to say it was a perfect day!

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