Tuesday, December 14, 2010

All partied out

Saturday night, Jeremy and I planned on having a night out with our friends and staying the night at a hotel room with Jeremy's friends. It was Jeremy's friend Steven & my friend Vanessa's birthday celebration that night. So we both went out with our own friends and different venues.

The day started off pretty early when heading off to the city. We picked some of the boys up to come with us at around 3pm. I was initially supposed to meet up with Jess once I got there but she wasn't answering her phone since she left it at her mates house when going out to lunch. So I had no choice but to accompany the boys at the hotel room. The room was so nice! I found it to be cosy and not as nice as I expected it to be lol. Once we got there, the boys did their own thing and went to the roof to check the place and the views out while I stayed inside sippin' on my Starbucks while waiting for Jess' call to meet. We met up at around 5:30pm-ish & made our way to her hotel room with her friends, which was in Chinatown. Ended up having to stop off at Market City because I needed to buy socks for myself. I totally forgot to put socks on when I was leaving.. it happens! especially when you're in a rush to get out.

At around 7:30-ish Jess and I made our way to Pavillion Bar where we were meeting Vanessa and her friends. We got the drinks started and took advantage of the cheap prices since they're pretty much double the price once you get to the clubs! I ended up seeing one of my old youth friends Raisa! It had been around 2-3 years since we last saw each other! Crazy huh?!

We left for the club at around 9:30pm when we were all pretty drunk/tipsy, especially Raisa and I lol. When we got to the club, they were still setting up and had to line up because the security guards weren't there yet. And during the time of wait, us girls really needed to go to the toilet, so we had to walk around the street looking for available toilets! One even said we had to pay just to 'get inside', no thanks! So we ended up just going to the train station instead.


After coming back to the line, we were finally let in shortly after. We just sat down and the girls drank more while waiting for the crowd to build up inside, since we were the first ones let in lol. I didn't drink though, I was pretty buzzed already and I was waiting for Stacee to arrive until I had more.

The crowd started to build, saw a few more people I knew, Stacee arrived not long after, had more drinks and then danced the night away. We did our normal thing and just danced like there was no tomorrow lol. Then there was this random girl on the podium that just started to dance with us and.. down us. She always came back to us and would just dance more and more lol. It was so random but it was fun. We ended up giving her the name 'the birthday girl' since she was celebrating her birthday aswell. I know she definitely had the time of her life that night! hahaha

Jess and I didn't leave until the club closed which was at 4am. We walked to the place Jeremy and his friends were at then made our way to Hungry Jacks for a feed, since I was craving al night for a whopper, as always haha. We then made our way to our hotel where 10 of Jeremy's guy mates stayed over, so overall, there were around 12 people in one little room lol. Lucky Jeremy and I had the bed but unlucky we didn't have all the room because the birthday boy and another mate Josh, slept in on it aswell. So as you can imagine, getting back around 5am and having to wake up at 9am to check out, we were all pretty dead on Sunday morning. Especially when the boys kept going in and out of the room, making noises, hearing vomiting (lol) and not having any sleep because of the limited space we got.

Sunday morning came and the first thing I said was 'I need my morning coffee from Starbucks, lol typical. But that's how I go by my days, everyday. A coffee. Made our way home and got into our cosy bed at around 11:30am. But just couldn't seem to fall asleep? So weird considering how tired we were! We got Jaiden back that afternoon and did our usual routine. That night, we had the best sleep ever! lol

Yep, I'm pretty sure I'm all partied out for the year! I'll be saving it all for next year & for Stacee's + Kaecee's 21st. Definitely going hard then! And have a hiatus on the party scene for a little while again haha. It was fun though. I'm glad I only do it once a month. I don't think I can survive doing it every weekend or every so often. Still so young, yet so old. Motherhood.

Oh, and there were special guests there too that night. It was; Dj Green Latern (Eminem's Dj), Jay Z's crew - Memphis Dj Guru (Jay 's Dj) and Roc Boys (Jay Z's band). I honestly didn't know who they were, because they were standing right in front of me and I was just like.. why are they wearing sunnies and have bling all over them? haha. But it's pretty cool knowing they were there that night.

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