Thursday, December 9, 2010

Shopping, City & Sun

Today was started off really early once again. My mum had asked me if Jaiden and I wanted to accompany her at the City today, and since I didn't have anything planned for the day but to just stay home, I said yes. So I got out of bed at 8:30am, got myself a cup of coffee before starting anything, started getting things ready for Jaiden as I knew he would need a lot of things, especially food. My mum didn't arrive until 10:30am but I've learned that by having a child, you need to prioritise your time & get ready at least 1.5-2 hours prior to leaving. You just don't know what will pop up next & running around the place isn't going to do any justice to being 'organised' especially when you're far from home. Lucky for me, I've nearly mastered that & was ready to go by the time my mum had arrived.

We got to the city at around 11:30am and I've gotta say, my mum is the slowest driver, especially on the freeway! She was driving 10km's under the speed limit & I couldn't help but tell her about the new law 'proposing' to be introduced - fines will be given to those who under-speed & she complains that it takes her so long to travel to the city.. such a rhetorical thing to say! lol

Our first stop was for my mum at her work, so Jaiden and I just waited while she did what she needed to do. The girls at the front desk seemed to love Jaiden! And Jaiden loved all the attention lol.
We then headed off to Market City in Chinatown where our shopping was going to be done. First off, we had lunch on the top level - mongolian lamb & some sort of vegetable my mum ordered.

Then it was shopping time! I took the opportunity to dig in with all the sales they had going on! 
During our wandering around, we bumped into our friend Jess and since she was by herself & had nothing to do after, I told her to just come around with us lol. So we just walked and looked around some more. I ended up buying:
  • Skinny jeans + 2 singlets for Jaiden
  • A maxi dress for myself - saving it for my Christmas outfit
  • 2 shirts each for my 3 boys cousin + Jeremy
  • A birthday/christmas present for my cousin
Then after all the walking around and before heading home, I had to step outside of Market City to buy Jeremy his Ramen, as requested then my mum decided to try the Ramen aswell, so we dined in. My mum ordered beef ramen, Jess ordered a small entree of dumplings & I tried their taro ice cream dessert. Though I only ended up eating the ice cream, I didn't really like it. I like the Ramen though!

It was just after 6pm and we headed off back to the car. We didn't end up getting home until 7:30pm because it was still peak-hour, especially on the freeway! When we arrived, Jeremy drove us to Starbucks where Jess and I claimed our free toffee nut frappuccino,  because it was their Christmas party & were giving out free talls of anything. Then we dropped Jess off to the station, where we got a flat tyre while driving there. It was scary.. I think I'll keep that story to myself.

But anyway, I was so happy we were back home (and safely, may I add). I was so drained from all the walking we did, especially from pushing the stroller uphill when we were walking back to the car.

Overall, it was another perfect day out! And to top my day off even more, Jeremy and I opened one Christmas present each - I let him open his because he has other presents that will be awaiting him anyway. Anyway, I was so surprised when I opened my present! I honestly did not see this coming!!!

I seriously cannot stop grinning! I am in happiness overload lol. Now I can't wait to open my other present on Christmas day!! My boyfriend is the sweetest! I thought it was the greatest & sweetest surprise yet!!!

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