Wednesday, September 1, 2010

September is here!

September is finally here, along with Spring! Though the weather isn't what I thought it would be, from reading it on someone's status saying it was going to be 25 degree's today. But lucky it isn't because I didn't want to just stay home and complain about just staying indoors when I could be outdoors enduring in the sun lol.

So the month of September will bring us:
  • Family Dinner for Mums & Sisters birthday dinner + Father's day
  • Jeremy's first Father's Day
  • Family friend's 15th (?) Birthday + Party
  • Jaiden hits 10 months old!
  • Best friend, Mariecar turns 19
  • Jeremy's Metallica Concert
  • Cousin Elizabeth turns 18
  • Cousin Roden turns 20
  • Start organizing Jaiden's 1st Birthday Party
  • And whatever else turns up
So it's going to be quite a busy month, since all of these things will happen on each weekend! Which is good though, I have something to look forward to each weekend :)

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