Monday, September 6, 2010

Photoshoot Day

Last week, we got asked to be featured in a photoshoot for our friend Jess' Uni Major, as she was doing the concept of 'Capturing the priceless moments' on parenting. Before heading to the shoot, we ate lunch at a Mexican place which was very filling! Much like Mad Mex in the city. Then we headed out to the Darlinghurst UNSW Campus where the studio's were. And when we got there, the admin lady was saying that they don't allow kids being in the studio/s because of OH&S reasons, since they weren't insured or something under that.

So we just had a little shoot on the steps outside the studio before heading back to the car. And then headed off to Nurragingy Reserve to take more photo's by the lake/fountain. We pretty much just improvised with the whole 'studio' thing. But still captured great photo's! I can't wait to get them off Jess! But Jeremy and I will be heading back to the studio next week for another shoot. Not sure what this is about though lol.

Overall, today was such a great day, being out in the sun and enjoying the day with my two boys, being luvo's and getting photo's taken. I'm in need of new family photo's lol. Also had fun with the conversations we were having. I loved how Jeremy and Jess got along, thought they wouldn't and I had to do all the talking but it was the other way around lol.

"little Jess in the big city"

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