Saturday, September 4, 2010

Hamilton's 13th Birthday

Today was my little 'cousin's' birthday celebration. He's actually a family friend, but I consider his family as my second family, cos they literally are. Anyway, it was held at the Blacktown Workers Club (Arndell Park Hotel). I can't believe he's only 13! He is so massive, nearly as big as his big brother lol. 

Had a really good catchup with all my family friends and everyone got to see Jaiden, finally! Since our last family party has been so long overdue! Though my 'sister' Hariette wasn't there cos she had work. Jaiden played with his first balloon. At first he was scared of it, but in the car he started playing with it until now lol .I attached it to his walker so he can just play with it in his own time.

My 'second mum' told us to come tonight, but I'm not sure if Jeremy wants to, because he still has to finish off his homework by Monday. But I really want to go because I want to see Hariette and she can see her god-son! 

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