Sunday, September 12, 2010

Girls Night

I had a girls night out with my two favourites, Jess and Stacee. It was planned at the last minute but that's nothing different lol. I started the night off by going to Jess' Aunt's house, where they had pre-drinks because there was a little 'cousins' gathering for a birthday (?). I got peer-pressured to take 2 shots of Tequila, which I didn't like at all! Hence why I never take straight shots like that! So gross. But luckily they had other drinks there, so I had some Midori with juice and beer, just so I wouldn't take another shot lol. Anyway, we talked and joked around and stuff. They were so rowdy but it was heaps funny and fun!

Then Jess and I got dropped off to the station where we met up with Stacee. It was pretty funny when we saw each other because we wore pretty the same thing! Well, very similar! But there was no intentions of it happening, that's what made it funnier lol. Anyway my alcohol was starting to fade off, so I was in the 'tired-hyper' mood. We got to the city in no time, because we just kept talking lol. Saw a few friends that were already at Verandah Bar because there was a birthday (Carl's) going on. And I also met new people too, as always :) I didn't drink much when we were there, because I started craving for a whopper and that's what I just wanted to consume lol. So I just bought Stacee drinks instead. And since my alcohol was waring away, I just mock-danced the girls that were going hard out. haha it was too funny to miss! I had never realised how hard some girls actually go when they dance. LOL how embarrassing.
Then around 3am, we went home and kindly got dropped off by Jess' friend Ben. How nice of him!

So overall, it was a great night out spent with the ladies, as always!!

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