Friday, April 15, 2011

work vs studies

I have come to the conclusion to just start working.

With Jeremy having to do University next year full time, for 3 years or so, we won't be having any income whatsoever. I also thought to myself, I honestly don't want to stay home for another 3 years to complete a stay at home course, while I could be out there working full/part time and be a lot closer to getting a mortgage than have more years added to our delay. I know it's such a blunt idea but I guess this is one of those 'sacrifices' that a parent has to do. I know with working in a similar environment as banking, like administration.. I can always just slowly make my way through that. Or who knows, my career path might change again..  Knowing that nothing is impossible and that you don't need to get qualifications through Uni/TAFE to get your dream job, I'll make it to where I want to be one day.  I'm currently applying for jobs now, I have been for the past week. No luck yet, but something will come up soon enough.

As for Jaiden's care, I am still against putting him into day care. But there is a system we have called 'Family Care' which is where there is a family that is a carer for no more than 5 kids at a time. Which is great because then there wouldn't be any worries with Jaiden not getting enough attention. And the good thing with these Family Carers is that, they are registered under the City's council to I guess, be 'qualified' to be one.

So fingers crossed I get something really soon.

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