Monday, April 25, 2011


Today Jeremy and I took Jaiden and my god-daughter Aurora to watch the movie Rio. Though Jaiden got a little bored of it in towards the middle to end and fell asleep just before it finished, Aurora on the other hand, stayed awake for the whole thing unlike last time when we went to watch Tangled

They both enjoyed the chicken nuggets we got them and some apple juice, but without realising it, Jeremy ended up eating all of the nuggets lol. What a silly guy. But it was okay because the kids weren't too fussy about it. 

When Jaiden got restless of the movie, all he wanted to do was play with Aurora but she was too busy watching the movie, so Jaiden would just tickle her legs/feet lol. Since she didn't want to play with him, he also occupied himself by taking steps and watching the lights go off - they go off each time he takes a step. He got a little jealous with Aurora too because she was sitting next to me so Jaiden kept going over her to get to me and eventually slept while I was hugging him.

Here are some photos from today.


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