Wednesday, April 20, 2011

interview and city

Today, I had a job interview for a Sales Consultant role in the CBD which I was fortunate to have an opportunity to attend through a friends mum who passed mine and a few more other peoples CV's forward. Unfortunately I didn't get accepted because there were more people there who had more experience in the industry than I did, which I didn't have any experience in lol. But I wasn't too fussed since it was just an opportunity that just raised and I just took it and gave it a go :)

During my interview, Jeremy and Jaiden had their own little bonding time and said they had Maccas, walked around the shops and around Hyde Park and let Jaiden run around and they were feeding the birds. When I heard all this, it made me melt a little inside knowing what they did.. I just pictured them being in their own little world together. And since I couldn't be there to capture their moments, I got Jeremy to take photos of Jaiden and they were absolutely cute! Jeremy was telling me that when they were feeding the birds, Jaiden had a biscuit in his hand and an Ibis came and stole it off him then Jaiden kicked it hahaha. I couldn't stop laughing when I heard that!

Afterwards when I met up with them, I initially wanted to go to Westfields and try to shop around and look at Gap and possibly Zara which opened today but knowing Jeremy, he never wants to go shopping, especially in the city and while we have Jaiden lol. So we just settled to walking to a Korean BBQ place where we ate before and have lunch there. It was just aswell that we didn't go to Zara because the line was long even at 3:30pm when I saw someones Facebook photo upload at that time lol.

Here are a few photos from today :)


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