Saturday, December 15, 2012

Mr & Mrs Rudman

24 November 2012, my cousin's son (Jaiden's second cousin), Roden got married to Samanatha.

A day that was filled with love, family and friends. It was such a surreal day. I couldn't believe they were finally getting married yet there I was, watching the two of them at the alter.
It was such a happy day, with happy tears from the family (I held mine in) and the best friends.

The ceremony was beautiful. Apparently Roden teared up (I didn't see) when he saw Sam walking up, his sister Elizabeth started tearing up, because of him. I hadn't seen both of them tear/cry since we were all kids and got in trouble.
Sam was so beautiful, full of smiles that her nerves couldn't have been noticed.

The reception was great. It was held on their friend's acreage backyard, a big white tent set up lighted up with fairy lights and lanterns, surrounded by candles in jars on the grass and floating candles in the pool.
The setting was amazing, it was very - them. 

Jaiden as usual was the attention of the lot again. With his cute suit on, dance moves and especially being so attached to Sam for the whole day - she was a princess, that's why.
He was carried by Sam for the entire night, he would follow her and look for her if he couldn't see her, he called her Princess Sam.
We both love the new found love he has for Sam, because he was never like that around her. He would always be shy.

I am so glad to have Sam in our extended family. I can't wait for what the future holds for the both of them and when they start having kids.

I love weddings. I can't wait for the next one we attend - not too sure when that will be though.


A big congratulations to the both of them on tying the knot ♥

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