Sunday, January 6, 2013

Christmas & NYE 2012

Late post.

For Christmas, we celebrated early, on the 23rd due to Jeremy and both parents working on Christmas Day. Not that we were complaining, we had more time to enjoy each other's company, drink and eat more. So that was just spent with Jeremy's immediate family.

On Christmas night, after everyone finished work, we had dinner at Jeremy's Aunt from Canberra's house. We drank more, ate more and opened more presents!

Unfortunately, my family had nothing planned for Christmas and everything was just last minute, so ended up just scrapping the whole thing. But everyone still got their presents!

For New Years Eve, we just had a quiet one as Jeremy and his parents had work on New Years Day as well.  
Everyone just gathered during the day, I joined them once I finished work. We ate some and drank some. Made some fondue as well, but that didn't really go well because everyone was too tired or too full to have some.

Only Trinity and myself lasted until midnight to watch the fireworks on tv, while everyone was already in bed. After that, it was bed time for us.

When Jeremy got back from work, we made a spontaneous decision to go to the beach while the weather was still peaking.  Great decision it was! Even though we arrived there at 4pm, the weather was great, the sun and the waves were just perfect.
Going to the beach on New Years day is becoming a trend. And I love it.

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