Sunday, January 6, 2013


Another year has approached us again. Quite quickly too, may I add?

2012 was definitely a year to remember. The good outweighed the bad. Which is all that mattered.

  • Jeremy and I reached 4 years of being together and took a step forward, and got engaged. (post here)
  • We both climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge on our anniversary. (post here)
  • I went to Melbourne with a bunch of girlfriends.
  • Turned twenty-one
  • Got to visit The Hunter Valley and spend the weekend there with my boys
  • Started driving & completing my hours
  • Got a new job at an amazing company
  • Gained a god-son, Tristan Jeremiah Onato (post here)
  • Jaiden turned three.
  • Witnessed my cousin get married
  • Jeremy got accepted into University
Now, I think the year was just filled with wonderful. I can't wait to see what the new year has planned for us.

I'm coming in with no expectations and no 'resolutions' (but one - to get my license), so I am opening my arms to the new year. I hope the year will bring all sorts of good like the last.

I wish everyone a happy new year, and that the year will be good to all of us.

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