Sunday, February 17, 2013

Valentines 2013

Valentines this year fell on a Thursday, therefore Jeremy and I had work. Since Jeremy finishes at 3pm, after picking Jaiden up from daycare, they came and visited me. It was so cute, seeing them in the reception area sitting down while they wait for me to come back from the back off the office.
As soon as I saw Jaiden, he came running to the front door and was yelling "for you mummy, for you!" with the roses in his hands. Jaiden said a quick Hello to everyone that was present in the office, also quickly making his way to where the Safety Gears were for Operations (he remembered where they were situated from his last visit) and never wanted to take it off.

Though I'm not a big fanatic of Valentines, I re-assured Jeremy that I accepted the roses as a "just because we're visiting you and we love you" gift, not for Valentines haha. 

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